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Your High-Quality Network of Health & Wellness Consultants


We aim to provide quality health and wellness education while assisting organizations in building customized wellness plans to fit their wellness goals, ultimately leading to maximum performance, enhanced quality assurance, and positive financial outcomes.







We are a boutique consulting company providing customized services in health and wellness education. We believe in offering organizations access to effective, quality, and practical health and wellness knowledge to aid their group in functioning at its highest level.

At Walker Group Health & Wellness, we partner with licensed, certified and experienced healthcare and wellness professionals to deliver valuable knowledge via group presentations, seminars, and workshops to enhance the organization's overall health, wellness, and performance.


Through our high-quality network of professionals, with over 20 years of combined healthcare and wellness experience, our dynamic team offer organizations access to an immense wealth of expert and evidence-based knowledge.

At Walker Group Health & Wellness, we understand the direct correlation between an individual's total wellness and their ability to perform daily tasks, as well as the positive impact healthy employees have on the organization's financial outcome.


We extend to you the opportunity to collaborate with our knowledgeable team of health and wellness experts in providing life-changing seminars and workshops for your organization.

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