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Health Advocacy Program

Our pioneering Health Advocacy Program provides reliable insight and education to healthcare consumers (i.e., patients and families) instructing how to:

  • Effectively navigate the challenging healthcare system

  • Competently interact with their medical care team

  • Confidently make quality health decisions

Health Advocacy Program's
Positive Impact

Our Health Advocacy Program has a positive effect on your employee's mental and physical health, as well as your organization's financial bottom line.


Being confident enough to meet with primary care physicians, address upcoming treatments, ask questions pertaining to medication, and act as an informed advocate puts the mind at ease when experiencing stress  and anxiety related to one's health and wellbeing.


When employees receive effective treatment for mental distress, organizations notice reduced total medical costs, increased productivity, lower absenteeism, and decreased disability costs.


Now is the ideal time to integrate our Health Advocacy Program with your organization’s wellness benefits and enhance your employee’s ability to successfully advocate for their health, as this contributes to their physical and mental health, and overall wellbeing!

Components of Program


Reviews & Testimonials


(919) 307-1939

Thanks for your interest in the Health Advocacy Program! We will contact you soon to get started!

*The option to conduct the program virtually is available.

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